Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looking back for closure

It's hard to believe we crossed the 'finish line' in New York over 3 months ago.

For reasons I don't fully understand, I've been unable to bring myself to read my blog and reflect on the odyssey.

Today I took a first step and have read through the first few days, taking time to correct many typos and more importantly, reflecting on how I felt back then and how I feel now, looking back at the history.

Hopefully I'll continue to work through the process and find some closure.

One thing Diana suggested is that Sean and I, and our families should get together and share our before, during, and after reflections. Things have finally settled down a bit and I think we are all ready for this. Time to lock in a date!

Cheers, Dave


  1. As difficult as it will be to read your blog and re-live it all, it will surely bring you some closure and peace....Love you!

  2. We are going to ask if anyone who was involved(, either reading, or physically , or emotionally ) would like to write us their reflections, we are hoping to get as much insight into this journey for all involved.