Friday, February 3, 2017

Heart Across America Documentary Coming Soon

Clarity Creative will soon be releasing a documentary film of the Heart Across America ride!

They've done a wonderful job of capturing the beautiful scenery  and wonderful people we met as we travelled high and low across the country.  Most importantly it drives home the message to Never Give up.

I think it will appeal to stroke and heart attack survivors as well to anyone with  friends or family members that have have had strokes, heart failure, or simply are struggling to recover from any hardship.

Also, if you enjoy cycling and seeing panoramic views of rural America, I think you'll find the film rewarding.

The film is dedicated in memory of Don Brennen. He was having the time of his life on this journey. He loved cycling, period. But cycling with a purpose took it to a new level. I think of him daily.

I'll let you know when the film comes out.  I'm guessing 2-3 weeks.

It will be presented in various venues, including, I believe Amazon Prime.

Many of you were a big part of the ride and could very well be featured in the footage...Food for thought...consider organizing a group to watch it.

If logistics allow, we could possibly arrange for Sean and me to swing by and do some Q&A and reflection.

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