Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting Started

After some encouragement from friends and family, I've decided to start a blog and chronicle my experience supporting Sean Maloney, a stroke survivor and former senior executive at Intel, as he and I ride 5,000 miles around and across the USA.

This is going to be quite the adventure. For me it's been much more than  working with Sean as we both physically and mentally  train for the back to back grueling rides. Managing logistics, planning the route, making packing lists,  trying to find accommodations  at convenient spots, handling schedule changes, and trying to get a jersey and vest design for the ride have been all consuming. But also rewarding.

I know that the more effort we put into the planning, the better off we will be. But hoping for a breather soon!

Here's are some shots  from an early morning ride with fellow commuters. My 30 mile one way commute to work has proven to be a great way to get in some base miles!

Wednesday morning's commute added one new 'rider':

Coming up on Sunday, Sean and I along with hopefully many supporters will be riding up Mount Hamilton in San Jose.  Here's a link to the route: Hamilton out and back

Cheers, Dave

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  1. I just found your blog. This is a pretty amazing trip; I look forward to following your trials and tribulations ... many there be few of the former and many of the latter. Ride safely!!