Saturday, February 14, 2015

Getting ready for the ride..

It’s hard to believe the ride starts in 5 weeks!
We are still working on the base miles but with work it’s hard to get more than 300 miles a week. Tomorrow we will be riding up Mount Hamilton and hopefully we will have a good group of riders join us. For me, it will be a 100 mile out and back ride with over 9,000 feet of climbing. That will wake me up!
Looking at my bike though this morning I realized I am focused too much on riding and not enough on the condition of my bike. All these miles have taken a toll on my bike so despite having a warm sunny day, I spent most of it replacing brakes, shift cables, cable housing, my chain, and rear cassette and gently straightening my rear derailleur hanger…What a day! Now   I’ve got a good pile of stuff ready for recycling!
 But my bike is looking and riding much better, so it was worth it.  Even had time for a quick 20 mile spin.

So it looks like both the bike and I are  ready for tomorrow’s ride!
Cheers, Dave

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