Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 78 Connellsville, PA to Frostburg, Maryland

Big 77 mile day with a steady climb and 100% on the Great Allegheny Passage. Highlights were crossing the Eastern Continental Divide and Mason Dixon line as we entered Maryland.

The troops are pretty beat and we have two tough days ahead of us. 95 miles tomorrow and 102 the next day. Weather and the next 70 miles of trail riding are also looking sketchy so wish us luck. I expect my blog reports will be shorter in the coming days as we will be pulling in to our lodging relatively late....

Here are some photo highlights from today...
Heading Out

One of many bridges

Ohiopyle Waterfall

Lunch planning

Lunch faces

Diana going through 3,294 Big Savage Tunnel

Mason Dixon Line

Almost there (Dave and Diana)


Big thanks today to Ole John at the Trail Inn for accommodating our bikes and arranging an early breakfast for us.


  1. YIKES!!! 95 and 102 ... I don't know how you have such stamina!! Good on ya :)