Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 82 New Hope to Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Friday,  June 12

Our morning started off with a wonderful breakfast at the Pineapple B&B. It was hard to leave this relaxing haven and face the roads, rising heat, and warnings of hazardous air quality.

Morning vista at the Pineapple Inn B&B

Steve and Dave doing something

Dave S. and Diana, "you want to do what?

We hit the road on target and the ride begins. The camera crew gets some good Drone shots as we cross our first bridge.

Our second bridge crossing though is not quite so easy. Closed to traffic but fortunately they let us walk our bikes. I felt like I was walking the plank.

Quite the challenge with slippery cleats

 It's 9 am and already hot, but the roads are good

We meet Phil Kramer, a neurologist. He takes our photo and intends to get a blurb on us in the local newspaper..

The trail riding is splendid."Lovely" to quote our Irish friends!  

We received a pleasant surprise greeting by Rick Hoffman's co-workers. Ten of them came out to cheer us on. Felt like 100's of cheers. I was overcome with emotion as were the rest of us. Truly amazing. We were all very thankful they came out...Their response "hey, any excuse to get off work!"brought out a round of laughter.

Rick's Colleagues show up to cheer us on

Once we were off the trail, we faced tough roads, lights and traffic. We call these junk miles. 

Pulling in to Samsung at Ridgefield Park 

Camera crews take some photos and video

We finally arrive at our hotel. As we unpack, we meet Cedric in the parking lot and share our story. 

Cedric promises to get at least his BP checked. 

Tracy brings us some great food at the Chart House

Dave and George enjoying the views

Dave and Dennis, planning the routes

Great views

Next on our agenda is scouting the route on Saturday...I'll post of a video of this on my next blog update......

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  1. You sometimes use the expression "junk miles" ... I like it, as it is truly accurate! I plan to use it as a descriptor when I am annoyed by lights and many exasperating stops :) Can NOT believe you are so close to your destination. WOW!! Just WOW!