Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another stop in DeRidder

I spent the morning tidying up and cleaning up my bike. Just as I finished I discovered my front tire was flat and patched it. Always nice to discover that when you're not riding and have time to fix things at a leisurely pace. Another wire sliver from retread pieces on the road shoulders.

We then visited city hall (see previous post) and having some time to spare before lunch, Dennis and I visited the Beauregard Parish Museum in DeRidder.

We were greeted by James Hanchey the museum curator and former professor of Anthropology at CU Boulder. 

What a treat. 

We learned a lot more about DeRidder's history and marveled at much of their collection.

It was well organized with a huge range of items, much like what you'd find if you were combing through your grandparent's attic. It gave an invaluable glimpse into the past.

It sure is nice to have some free time in a small town.

Here are a few photos of items that caught my eye!


And the real thing

And here we saw a room full of dolls, the  Lois Loftin Doll Collection,. It's one of the nation’s largest. Lois and Albert Loftin devoted over 50 years to assembling the collection of over 3,000 dolls from all around the world. It gave me the willies. It felt like the doll eyes were tracking me!

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