Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 62: Russellville to Owensboro, KY

Today's ride was pretty much  uneventful which in my book is about as good as it gets. Sunshine, blue skies, good road surface, considerate careful motorists, and favorable wind. Oh, and great company.

We took the direct route vs. the cycling popular route which would have added a good 30 to 70 miles to our day.... 

This direct option kept the mileage reasonable (75 miles) and the tradeoff was riding on a 6" bike lane with nasty rumble strips.

 But if we stayed off the rumble srips, the pavement was smooth and thanks to the considerate drivers, we had no issues. 

Narrow bike lane and rumble strips that will loosen fillings...

At our lunch stop in Livermore, KY, we spoke with a heart attack survivor. His happened at age 37. He is now 53 and looks good.  He has since stopped smoking and is watching his diet. He thanked us for what we were doing and wished we had come by 16 years ago!

Our conversation with him reminded him he is due going back for follow up ultrasounds and an echocardiograms. Nice guy. And lucky too.

Here are some shots and commentary from today's ride...

The day started off with a nice ride through downtown Russellville
The square

Riding through nice neighborhoods

 and not so nice neighborhoods

The climbing was sweet. 2,400 feet of rollers. Todd would have been eating these up!

Lunch in Livermore

 Kenny, coming from Scotland really appreciates blue skies and warm weather

Lots of rollers and open roads

My favorite peaceful and quiet
Gopro vs. iPhone (keep your eyes on the road Kenny!)

Wow!  A bike path

Tree cover

Kids all excited to see cyclists stopped behind them

Tomorrow's mileage to Washington, Indiana, will be similar to today's. I have yet though had a chance to do street views and popularity checks, so this could change....


  1. Nice blues skies for you, hope you have smooth roads tomorrow.

    1. I think we might be on gravel farm roads ...may need to improvise!

  2. Wow the landscapes are beautiful - it must be so interesting to see the environment change as you travel through the country! Amazing! All the best and have a safe journey! // Hannes

    1. Hi Hannes, Thanks for the feedback! It really has been an experience crossing the country at at this slow rate. I really appreciate the change in landscape and culture. It's a very diverse country on all fronts.

      All the best, Dave