Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good times in Russellville, Kentucky

Russellville is the county seat of Logan County, one of Kentucky's oldest counties. It is named after Revolutionary War General William Russell.

It's a beautiful town with a town square that seems to have left time behind and stayed in the 50's . We found a nice restauran (Ariella) and plopped down there for some great pasta. The food was five stars. Another nice surprise,
My Mushroom Ravioli


I was then greeted by my 2nd cousin Jean-Paul Montreuil who I met for the first time. Well actually I think I remember seeing him run around at a wedding when he was four or five years old and I was in my early ...ah...let's not go there...

In any case, he swung by on his way home to Louisville (just 2 1/2  hours away!).  He is an avid cyclist and a PA in the US Army. He has had 3 deployments, which I find incredible and frightening. I couldn't be more proud.

Dave and Jean-Paul toast

We had a great visit and I'm glad the swung by. Kenny and Dennis felt the same way.Great guy.

Tomorrow is currently set to be a 74.5 mile ride to Owensboro, KY. I think I will leave the route alone even though Strava popularity mapping suggests some changes. I'm sure modifying the route would give us much better riding conditions. Why not change? Well it would turn the ride into a 134.5 mile day. I don't think Kenny or I want to tackle that!

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  1. Good company, good food, good family. A nice day all-around. Glad it was so enjoyable today! - Mikey