Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 44 Houston "rest day"

No riding today but it was a busy day and no rest for the weary.

We started with an event at HP. It was an eye opener and beautifully organized. There was a first gathering with hundreds of attendees and moving speeches by Sean Maloney, Amy Brennen, and others. 

Next we had an open outdoor forum with thousands attending and even a live band playing. Oh and some delicious tacos!

I was busy collecting signatures with good wishes on our Heart Across America banner and selling jerseys to help raise funds for the AHA and spread the stroke and heart attack prevention message. 

At the event I met many friendly, big hearted, and compassionate individuals.  Made my day.

The day events  were followed by a dinner at the Houston Aphasia Recovery Center. We received a warm welcome  and some great food. I'm amazed at what they are doing to help those who have lost the ability to speak or understand language.  The message to never give up rings loudly there. Here's a painting from one of their recovering clients that I found to be beautiful. 

Now I'm back at the hotel and planning tomorrow's sequence of events. It will be my first ride with Heart Across America where I'm riding solo. 

I love riding alone. 

But I am so used to having company and sharing these new experiences with friends and family that I  feel a bit  out of sorts. I also feel fragile after seeing and hearing about so many endurance athletes suffering from strokes or heart attacks. But I am going to fill my head with positive thoughts and march forward. 

I modified tomorrow's route to combine the ride of two short days into one. This will give me an extra day in Silsbee to have a much needed real rest day!

All the best,  Dave


  1. Dave,

    Though you may be physically riding alone at times know that many of us are following your journey through your blog posts and sending best wishes for safe rides. It was a pleasure to meet you today out at HP!

    Pedal on!

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet, Dave! I've been studying my Natchez Trace history so I'll have lots to tell you. See you on Sunday.

  3. As Chuck said, you may be physically alone, but many ride with you in spirit. Be safe, and enjoy your solo ride.

  4. ...solo ride. The magical words. That's why so many live riding bicycles. Thousands of pedal strokes, thousands of occassions to grind the same thought over and over again - time elapses so differently on a bike. I know how much this will help you to slide into your rest day. Enjoy the cycling, recover well, stay strong. Peter (Lausanne)

  5. Yep, many of us ride with you in spirit...