Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 49: Alexandria to Natchez Mississippi

Today's ride was 76 miles long. We started early just before 8 AM in order to beat the heat. The most scenic part of the ride was the early part where my route took me on a bike path (to Dennis'es chagrin) and through old neighborhoods with red brick roads...

Despite the early start it was sweltering hot and I was drenched in sweat pretty much most of the ride. I drank about a liter of water every hour but even so was a bit dehydrated when the ride was over.

Here's me taking a photo (camera is mounted on bike) of the black river...pretty comical..

It was great riding over the Mississippi River and pulling into Natchez. However, the most exciting part of the ride was outrunning a German Shepherd that seemed intent on ending the HAA journey.

. Here's a short video of the chase...This was the worst one yet...How people can leave a dangerous dog like this loose is beyond me..

It was a frightening experience. My power meters shows I ramped to over 1,000 watts but it wasn't until I got to 25 MPH that he stopped gaining on me. Dennis did his best to scare him off honking the horn but that seemed to do little to dissuade him...

Once that was over it was pretty much easy cruising to Mississipi...

Crossing the Mississipi river 

Entering Natchez

Got to have the photo by the billboard...


  1. Every summer Chris and I ride RAGBRAI; we dip our rear wheel in the Missouri (west state line) at the start, and our front wheel in the Mississippi (east state line) at the end of the ride. I love the picture of you taking a picture :) ... and the last pic of you in front of the welcome sign. Scary dog, glad you were able to out-ride him !!

  2. I know how you feel. I find loose dogs the scariest part of cycling. Just wondering-were you close to your pr on the power meter? Lynn and I have been following your journey daily and are beyond impressed at what you're accomplishing. Also, your writing is very descriptive and funny and makes us feel we are there with you. Bob