Sunday, May 10, 2015

Natchez Day Two

First, here's a photo of the No More Broken Hearts logo which we now have on our HAA van! It looks great.

Now on to a bit about an event filled day two in Natchez, 

It  started off with a hearty breakfast where I had the pleasure of meeting a family visiting from Germany and touring the country. That's one good thing about staying at hotels that serve breakfast. You get a chance to meet people who are also traveling and open to sharing life stories. This family took interest in our story the daughter and son came by as I was cleaning my bike  to check out our van and wish us well. 

Next was the long awaited arrival of Todd Nelson. As promised, I bought him a Fat Mama's margarita to celebrate his arrival. 

 Friday while on the road to Alexandria, I called  the "Visit Natchez site,"  explained what we were doing, and asked if they could reach out to any cyclists. Sure enough they called Curtis and eventually we were able to connect. Curtis invited us over to his home this evening and we sat on the back yard exchanging stories and just relaxing. Lots of lighting bugs all round. I haven't seen lightening bugs since I was a child. That was a treat. We also met his two sons and a friend. 

Curtis  (in the orange shirt) looks like a pretty tough cyclist but we found out he has a soft spot. 
When we were talking about all the possums and armadillos that we have seen on the side of the road, he shared his possum experience. He was riding on the Natchez trace and saw a baby possum circling around its lost mother.  Feeling pity, he moved the baby off the road. Then realizing it would probably not survive, he put her his water bottle and took her home. He nursed her for several months and claims she became a loving pet. She would crawl up to him and nuzzle. She was also super efficient at controlling the cicada bug population.  Eventually she wandered off and every time he hears of a possum in the neighborhood he wonders if she's come back. I love stories like this.

Curtis plans to meet us tomorrow and join us as we head up the Natchez trace. I can't wait!


  1. Nice story! I love the way you connect with people ... so easily!

  2. Cute story. Have a good ride today and keep up the good work!