Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 43 La Grange to Houston

Today Diana and I rode from La Grange to Houston. 

We had strong cross and head winds the whole way.  This slowed our pace but did help keep us from overheating. 

We crossed some beautiful terrain and saw cows in all shapes and sizes. I worked hard to protect Diana from the wind. She repaid me by leaving me in the dust on many of the rollers including all of the  ones that were being filmed. She is one strong rider!

In the end, the ride came to 108 miles and it was almost 6 pm when we finally reached our hotel. 

After the ride I met up with Ron Baughnan, a close college friend of mine, and Jimmy Montreuil, a 2nd cousin who was in Houston for a bike race. Jimmy and I had never met but followed each other on Strava. It was great seeing him in person.  

             Meeting my cousin Jimmy 

I'll add more pictures later and write more but am just too tired to tackle that tonight. 

Cheers, Dave


  1. The ride ended at 93 miles, but Dave insisted on riding light to light for another hour, into Houston. He finally agreed to get in the van when he realized it was 5:30. It was a good day of riding with many pastoral county scenes, and a several vultures along the way. I think Dave got a great Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, shot, with 4 vultures eating a dead rabbit, and flying off just as we get within 10 feet. We ended the evening visiting with friends and family. Good night all, no Strava til tomorrow for me because, the van had to have valet parking, Bleh!

  2. Dave, thank you for being my knight on shing carbon., for shielding me from the wind, and pointing out those obstacles!

  3. You both are amazing!! Rest while you can tomorrow! So proud of you all!!

  4. Don used to point out that it was rare to see the 2 of you riding together. It's nice to see that you did that now. Keep up the good, strong riding, Dedi -- I know Don taught you well and was your inspiration.

  5. Thanks Andrea. That is so true! Don was my mentor and inspiration! I will rejoin soon.

  6. Dave, I see you're wearing the Grizzly Peak Bicycle Century T-shirt from the ride you and Don did the year before last. I remember when you & Don did the GPC Century ride before, you said biking 104 miles with over 8,000 feet of climbing was "too easy" for you.