Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 64 Washington Indiana to Brazil, Indiana

With the unexpected  Eastern Time Zone change upon us, we decided to take off today at 9 am and not lose an hour of much needed sleep.

I wasn't sure how the day would go. My stomach was still a bit queasy and on top of that I was feeling a bit melancholy. Each day is packing a new adventure and I see the days just flying by. I want to hold on to this but at the same time I want to press forward.

We had a good breakfast and Kenny noted that the wind outside looked pretty strong. I glanced outside, a bit concerned, and saw the flags flying horizontally. Based on the sun's position, gladly noted that we might be getting a nice tail wind today.

The wind delivered.

The roads were smooth.

Very little traffic.

No one let the dogs out :-)

What more could you ask for!

Mid ride we took a short detour off our route and stopped in Linton, Indiana to look for lunch and check out a highly rated coffee shop. The coffee shop was closed but we did find food!

Downton Linton, Indiana

Rather  than repeat a Subways lunch, we tried an Asian buffet. Knowing an all you could eat lunch might wreak havoc on the second half of the day, both Kenny and I exercised moderation as we feasted. Dennis also behaved nicely!

The second half of the ride went wonderfully well. The roads were a bit rougher but neither one of us was complaining.

With about 10 miles to go, I noticed a line of trees a few  miles out and warned Kenny I was going to 'hammer' a bit and take full advantage of the tail winds. Little did I know we were already 1 mile into a 3 mile Strava segment, that also happened to be the only Strava segment on our 72 mile ride...I took 2nd fastest overall...had I only jumped a mile sooner...

We finished the day with smiles and a full hour ahead of schedule. We averaged 20.1 mph...

 This gave me time for to put together a short video that recaps our first 2 days of riding through Indiana.


  1. Enjoy the moments, Dave. You are doing a fantastic job with the daily updates so you can look back on it once you're done. For me, I can't wait for your daily blogs to appear. I wish I was still riding with you! Nice video, too.

  2. Never ceases to amaze me... how quickly you reach your next destination, and how quickly (and effortlessly) you share your blog - with video yet!! What a ride ...

    1. Thanks Dawna. I just got back from a good pizza dinner and will be cleaning up the video a bit...too much movement from my helmet mounted go pro. I need a personal drone like Chris's!