Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grants to Albuquerque , Day 23

Dennis and I scouted out the first part of the route last night and this helped immensely. I made some modifications and a plan was in place. The weather forecast predicted westerly winds so as we ate breakfast we hoped the forecast would hold true.

As we loaded the van with our luggage we met Doug who had driven from Rio Rancho to Grants to join us on our ride. So now we were Dave, Dennis, Doug, and Don. That's a lot of D's to remember!

We headed West for a several blocks to get onto Route 66 and we could tell the forecasts were spot on.

The Strava data tells it all: Average speed of 21 MPH over a 76.7 mile stretch with 1,796 feet of climbing.  That's a tail wind for you!

Here are some shots of some happy campers as we rode out...

and a selfie to boot!

At mile 58 we stopped at the route 66 Casino for lunch and to meet Scott Noren who was headed over to meet us. 

We were about an hour and a half too early so we had plenty of time to eat and relax.  I was happy though to get out of the casino as soon as we were done eating. The smell of smoke, perfumes, and the constant noise made me uneasy and I longed for the fresh air. 

I went out and unloaded our bikes and within minutes, Dennis, Don, Doug and now Scott were there. 

Scott did a great shop shepherding us to our hotel. He had actually studied our map carefully and it was a welcome break to just enjoy the ride and follow a good wheel. Here are a few shots as we work our way into town...

The hotel Andaluz is very impressive. I felt like we stepped back in time. 

Dennis is out at the airport picking up Amy and my wife Diana who will be riding with us again, this time to Moriarty. I also need to see if the inner tubes I ordered have arrived yet, find her bike, and see if I can find the tools to replace my Power tap battery. They were not where I thought I left them...arghhhh...

So in summary, another great day. 270 miles  the last 3 days and we all feel fresh and  rested! 

Now it's time to find some green chili!

:-) Dave


  1. It sounds like today's ride more than made up for the windy day ride 2 days ago. Now you know why they call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment!

  2. After the brutal day we had crossing into NM, I was worried the next two days into Albuquerque were going to be a continuation of that sufferfest. Quite the opposite, we were treated to strong tailwinds carrying us quickly to our next destination. We arrived in Albuquerque early and somewhat refreshed from two easy days. 236 miles for the first 3 days this week. Appreciate the Intel guys, Doug and Scott coming out to join us for today's ride.