Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 33 Matador to Seymour

Lots of Big day today. 122 miles. Wind was in our face and the first 70 miles were wet.

But Don and I finished the ride. 

I had my doubts. At lunch Don was close to hypothermic. Soaking wet and shivering. But after adding some layers and rolling out he warmed up. 

Only had two flats today. The last one was messy. Stan's  sealant all over the place. I guess it doesn't work when there's a wire penetrating the tube. 

Highlights were these:

1) Leaving Matador: great breakfast and all the guests came out to bid us farewell.  Lots of hugs and good wishes. I felt like I was leaving family.

2) dry socks:  at mile 80 I had the realization that I could dig in my sack and pull out dry socks and shoes. Simple pleasures are the best!

3) Our  motel in Seymour has hot water. Can't say much else.

4) Texas roads and drivers (so far) are absolutely great!

Low lights:

1) Wet weather: Here's a typical shot:

2) Roads are so look and look and the road runs all the way to the horizon. Time passes slowly

3) So far most restaurants have smoking and non-smoking sections. No real dividers between them, just less dense smoke in the non-smoking areas. I guess I'm spoiled living in California

4) Yes my hotel had hot water. But one of my towels had hair on it (the short curly type) and there are breadcrumbs on the sheets on one of the two beds in my room.I complained to the front office and they suggested I just sleep on the bed that doesn't have breadcrumbs.

Also I found dead or dying cockroach on the shower floor. He put up a fight but was able to get him down the drain.  Hard to believe this hotel had all 5 star ratings....

So I am now in the process of changing rooms. As a result, this is a short blog entry. Better days are coming tomorrow!

:-) Dave


  1. Hopefully, better hotels are ahead as well! Although, not surprising, you have had good luck for the most part. I experienced those straight lined roads to the horizon,many times when I lived in Texas and would head back to New Mexico.

  2. Wow, it makes you wonder what a 4 star hotel would be like :) Glad to hear the trip had more positives than negatives!

  3. At least it wasn't a five cockroach motel. Or was it?

  4. At least it wasn't a five cockroach motel. Or was it?

  5. So true ... simple pleasures ... :)

  6. What a great photo of Don. It is obvious his spirit is continue to be a driving force on the ride...