Monday, April 13, 2015

Made it to Quemado

This was the hardest ride so far. The head winds were relentless. I felt like I was dragging an anchor through sand. 

This opened my eyes to one of the HAA challenges. By definition there is no elasticity in the schedule. Today's ride would have been easy with tailwinds and reasonable with neutral winds. With today's conditions we would have been wise to call it a day in Springerville. 

A good lesson in never give up. 

I did get some wind block help from the van  over a few miles. That made a huge difference. 

But we are all here safe and sound. The motel is surprisingly nice and we are getting ready for dinner. 

I am also seeing lots of green chili. Nice to be in New Mexico. 



  1. Yes, it was a brutal day in the headwinds. This was payback for all the favorable days we've had earlier in the trip. Hopefully tomorrow will be more favorable. My garmin failed and I was finished at mile 73.

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  3. Hang tough guys...we are rooting for you and wish we could be there to block some wind!!!

  4. Don - was this as brutal as the headwinds we had in the Solvang Century a few years back? That's my memory of the worst (windy) day of riding!

  5. Welcome to the Land of Enchantment!

  6. My cousins grew up in New Mexico and my Aunt has some awesome green chili recipes. (I grew up in Michigan - Faygo red pop.)

    1. In enjoying green chili on every meal except my morning oatmeal.