Friday, April 10, 2015

Great days in Phoenix

Friday proved to be a great 'rest' day. We started with a great breakfast at the Staybridge hotel. The staff has been great here and very supportive our journey. The sun was still pretty low in the horizon and Don was already out in the parking lot, organizing the van and working on his bike. I soon followed and discovered I had my first flat tire of the trip. Nice to be able to leisurely fix the flat on a day off! Fixed the flat and then gave my bike a good cleaning and lube using  the quick kerosene application  techniques George Mount recommended.

We all then headed out to Intel where a AHA/HAA  event was set to launch. I was asked to give a 2-3 minute introduction but upon arrival, Wendy (Intel HR) asked me to give more detail on our relationship with Sean and our adventure training and riding together. So I spoke for about 8 minutes. About halfway into it, I was blindsided by emotion and got choked up. This is tough. But that passed and I was able to say what I had wanted to share with the audience.

We had a great lunch at Intel then headed back to the hotel where I thought I'd get perhaps my first nap of the journey. Somehow, that didn't happen but I did get a bit of down time which was nice.

Don then took Amy to the airport (we will miss her!) and right around 7 we all (Don, Dennis (our driver) and me) headed out to meet my Bruce Caris, an old friend of mine. He runs a pecan farming operation (largest in the world?) and supplied us with enough pecans to carry us through the whole journey. Don and I love pecans so we are talking about a huge quantity! Thanks Bruce. We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. Thanks Bruce for the treat!

Now it's Friday morning and I know I should get off this PC and start getting ready for the ride to Globe. We leave at 8 am and I'm feeling a bit reluctant to leave this nice setting. But the march must go on and I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike.

:-) Dave


  1. Great post, Dave. Sean has an affect on people - great guy! FWIW, you're missing rain and 30-some degree commutes in the mornings (think about that while you ride across the desert!).

  2. Hope our New Mexico winds have stopped when you ride across the Land of Enchantment! Be strong and carry on! Looking forward to seeing you in Edgewood!

  3. We're heading to AZ next week ... wish we could have connected. Really enjoying your posts, pictures are great, stories are interesting and well-told. Thanks!

  4. Diana, which way is the wind blowing. If it's from the West we will be very happy!

  5. Todd, I might see some cooler weather upon approaching Show Low....I'm glad you're getting the much needed rain while I'm away!