Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 31: Rest and Relaxation! Plus photos of Day 29 and Day 30 from Dennis

Today has been just what the doctor ordered. Slept  for 10 hours and felt much better in the morning. Had a good breakfast and did some much needed rolling and stretching. Weighed myself too. Up 3 pounds from day 1. Must be eating well!

I've been reworking our routes to Dallas. Unfortunately I'm finding portions of existing routes have dirt roads and narrow bridges with no bike lanes. I've fixed them but at the expense of added miles. For example, now our ride from Matador to Seymour has grown to 120 miles. Wait till Don sees this...

Dennis is out washing the van. Next will be lunch and then Don and I will be cleaning and oiling our bikes so that all is ready for tomorrow's roll out.

The routine of riding, checking in to a  new hotel, eating out, trying to remember my room number, early to bed, early morning alarm, hotel breakfast, packing and getting ready to go again is tiring but the people we meet along the way and the message we carry make it worth it. I also very much appreciate the support and comments we are receiving on Facebook and on this blog. It means a lot to all of us. Keep them coming!

Here are some shots Dennis has taken along the road, capturing the feel of much of our ride from Moriarty to Clovis, NM ( Day 29) and then on to Plainview, Tx (Day 30). We are lucky to have him with us.

Day 29:
Changing Scenery

 Got to have have train shot!

Happy for some  R&R

Day 30: Reaching Plainview, Tx

Welcome to Texas

 Trying to avoid the crop duster

Fighting strong cross winds

 Yes, it was windy

Draft paradise

 Just doesn't look right!


  1. Haha ... up 3lbs ... gotta be muscle! You can't possible be 'over-eating'! Love the pictures :)

  2. Great pictures! I love seeing you guys drafting the hay baler -- maybe they can be used as lead out vehicles in races :)

  3. I would bet that farmer has never had a couple guys drafting him before. Did you actually talk to him, did he ask what you guys were doing?

  4. Nice pics! Hope you guys stay healthy. No rain yet? Best luck that it stays like that.