Monday, April 13, 2015

Lunch in Springerville

Early morning ride. Cold thin dry air. 

Bike is whisper quiet. Only sound is the wind. 

I drink water and am out of breath. 

My lungs burn. 

As the hours go by the wind gets stronger but we are warming up. 

Mike the Geek is coming towards us. He tries to turn and almost gets hit.  

We ride together.  Climb to 7500 feet. 

Wow. The air is thin. 

Now we are in  Springerville.  Eating a nice burrito.  

50 miles to go and we will be in Quemado.  


  1. I feel your pain with the thin air. You and Don be safe out there.

  2. Sounds like the wind really took a toll on you guys. Hope today is less windy!