Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 32: Plainview to Matador

Today promised to be a short 62 mile ride though the threat of strong winds was still there. We left Plainview around 8 am which is relatively early considering the distance, but we wanted  to have some margin just in case the winds kicked up.

It turned out though to be almost perfect riding conditions. Wind from the SW. We were heading SE. Not bad. And as we crossed into Floyd County both Don and I exclaimed "Thank you Floyd!".

 State Highway 70 and its wide shoulder was as smooth as a bowling ball (and flat!).. Texas sure knows how to put down asphalt.

Wildflowers were starting to bloom. I believe these are Indian paint brush flowers

There are bulls everywhere. Here's one in front of a prison

As we rode, we could see interesting cloud cover in the distance

Soon we were under it

We stopped briefly in Floydata to get food and picnicked around mile 40.

Before we knew it were in Matador

Seeing this we didn't expect much, however once we hit Main Street we were in for a pleasant surprise

Our Hotel is actually a B&B

 The rooms in our 'hotel' are all different and beautiful. What a treasure.

My room is huge! It used to be a barbershop so one whole wall is mirrors. 

Nice hooks to run my laundry line... ..

 (and yes, I did enjoy the whirlpool before I did  laundry!)

Even more, I had a  hot shower with 4 pulsating shower heads. Boy did I feel pampered!

...but this is the calm before the storm. Tornado threats exist for tonight with golf ball sized hail. And tomorrow's ride is a 120 miler....

(We are in Motley County)...


  1. So you bullfighters have landed safely in Matador! Hopefully you'll be able to find some non beef options for dinner, Dave? The hotel is lovely. I'll keep my fingers crossed you're not hit with golf ball size hail tomorrow. I don't want you guys nor the van to get dented!

  2. Every day is a new adventure. Today was a classic example, started the day with a sunny, clear sky. At about 30 miles into the ride, we rode into a well defined wall of clouds that ran from the NE to SE horizons. Once in the clouds, the wind diminished and we were able to push on with relative ease. Arrived in Matador. It's is the real deal small Texas town. Never would have thought we would hang out in a fallout shelter, waiting out a tornado warning.


  3. Enjoying the daily pictures (especially the food photos!) and riding adventure tales. Dennis has been doing a great job supporting you guys. The windy rides sound pretty tough, but you two have been gutting it out. Weather is pretty bad across TX right now, so be safe and don't take any unnecessary chances...Great job of riding out there. Continued good luck on your trek. BE SAFE! - Mik"E" -:)

  4. Wow what a day! And 120 tomorrow? Ouch.
    Id like to see golf ball hail though not from a bike.
    Carl Butler

  5. Wow what a day! And 120 tomorrow? Ouch.
    Id like to see golf ball hail though not from a bike.
    Carl Butler

  6. Yikes!! Weather sounds nasty ... and so does 120 miles :) Your B&B looks delightful, they usually are hidden gems.
    Ride safely, and keep these wonderful posts coming!