Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boulevard round 2

Our day started out nicely. The staff at our hotel had checked out HAA and were taken by Sean's courage, vision, and determination. Pete, who manages the front desk, took many photos of me to share on Facebook despite a line of guests waiting for service.

The drive back to Boulevard was somber.  Just not the same without Sean.  But we know this is what he wants and we are going to do everything possible to make this campaign build on its success. 

On that note, when we arrived at the point of impact we were met by Officer Ed Ketchum, one of the first responders when 911 was called. This time he was dressed as a cyclist, with his badge pinned to his jersey. 

We had great conversation. He gets the message and wants to help. Lots of photos and video. These will come once I get internet to work. We rode together for about 15 miles. Right where old hwy 80 meets hwy 80. 

Then Don and I rode off. The descent was frightening, especially with the vision of Sean's fall fresh in our minds. Winds were blowing us left and right and it was difficult to keep the bike in line. Sean would not have liked this. 

It was also cold.  I was shivering once we  got to the base. 

From there we hit some pretty rough pavement though nothing like what was lurking in the afternoon...Here's a short clip that shows some of the better pavement!

Lunch met us at mile 55 and by then we were hungry and hit the sun was out and the heat was intense. Lunch was a great hole in the wall mexican restaurant Biggest burrito I've ever seen. 

Next Don and I headed out towards Blythe and as we enjoyed some great tail winds we managed to fly by a critical turn. What followed was 30 miles of deeply cracked dude roads that shook every bone in my body. We finally wisened up and let air out of our tires. 

That helped a lot but it was still a welcome site when we finally got back on track and hit our major highway. 

Amy met us here and I was able to refill my now empty water bottles and race off with the wind at my back and the most spectacular sites ahead of me. The view of the sand dunes and the chocolate mountains were incredible. More photos will come tomorrow!


Sand Dunes

Chocolate Mountains

We called it quits at mile 106 and drove the rest of the way to Wickenburg. 

We are now at a quaint hotel that is perfect.  Wish we could stay longer but tomorrow is almost here and we have a good 80 miles to Phoenix 


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