Friday, April 17, 2015

Dinner in Moriarty

We drove around our hotel area today looking for food options. We came across this place and decided to check it out. 

We were surprised to see all the activity inside. No food, but there was a food truck outside that was serving food. We ate well. 

Inside we were greeted by Sam whose wife works at the brewery. He asked where we were from and we shared our HAA story. He lit up and told us his son-in-law had a stroke at age 19. I then interviewed his wife and she shared her experience with her son. Much like Sean, he is a survivor moving forward.

Dave and Sam: 
When we described our route to Sam and mentioned we were going through Matador, Texas he again lit up. "I like that little town" he said. "They make some of the best castration knives you can buy."


Here are some photos from the evening:

Dedi praying for food. 

Don is just happy

Good price, good food.

View of our van parked outside


  1. Don looks happy to be eating at Joe Mama's! Are those thunderclouds I see near the Sprinter? Hope the ride to Santa Rosa, NM is fun.

  2. This was a classic diamond in the rough moment. Sierra Blanca Brewery with Joe Mama's food truck nestled up to the brewery building. Excellent craft beer, good food, great company, and lot's of local color.


  3. Fantastic story keep them coming!