Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunrise at the Sunset Motel

As we were packing up for day 26 from Moriarty to Santa Rosa, we met Joe who is also on a cycling adventure. Joe though is traveling just with his dog Amy. And he is not constrained to the beaten path or any fixed schedule. Check out his setup:

As we were comparing notes, out comes Mike, the owner of the Sunset Motel
 ( At first I thought he was going to tell us to be a bit more quiet. Instead he joined the conversation. 

Next thing I know Mike offers to make us breakfast. Green chilli omelettes! And his local green chilli puts Hatch green chilli to shame! We in return offer him some of the world's best Pecans, given to us in Phoenix by my friend Bruce Caris. Deal!

Soon we are all gathered in the cozy Motel lobby eating good food, trying some amazing tart Kampuchea and sharing stories. 

Mike is from New Mexico, lived in Sausalito and came back to live here. Motel business was challenged by the large chains but the Internet has breathed new life into the better family run operations. This is by far one of the best. What a treat. 

Both Mike and Joe got the stroke prevention message and we are enriched by their stories and generosity.  

So now Dennis is off taking Dedi back to Albuquerque. Don and I are waiting for the temperatures to warm up a bit before heading out. It's getting  there. 9 am and already up to 36 degrees. 

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  1. It was great sharing stories of the road with Joe and Mike. Mike's hospitality was genuine and appreciated. With the very cool start to the day, I did a little recon up at the highway, and while it was sunny overhead, the clouds looks ominous up ahead. I reported that Dave and we decided to head out anyway. Immediately the clouds seems to clear out with the strong westerly wind. We were on our way with another terrific tail wind.