Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Tunitas Creek loop

The clock continues to tick and soon we will be ramping down. Though not quite yet. Still time to get in a good longer than normal ride. So Sean and I rode up along Skyline to San Bruno, down the hills to the coast line and up and over Lobitos Creek and Tunitas Creek.

What a day: 74 miles with over 7,500 feet of climbing:

Here are some photos from the ride:



Feeling like kids going through the Tom Lantos Tunnel

Tom Lantos tunnel Exit
Trees on Lobitos Creek
The Climb Part 1

The climb Part 2 (Lobitos)

Tunitas Climb

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  1. Looking back at this day, I recall how Sean learned (the hard way) how important it is to get plenty of food and drink while riding long distances. He experienced his first 'bonk' and pledged to never let that happen again.