Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Heart of the Matter...

First, here's a great post on Sean from fellow commuter and blogger Todd Nelson!

Now back to cycling: Sean  and I had a great ride yesterday (Saturday)  up and over the hills to Tracy and then up Coral Hollow to Tesla. Somehow we missed most of the rain and finished off February nicely. Sean rode several 250 mile plus weeks and finished this short month off with over 1,100 miles under his belt.

We had an interesting crew on our ride...Olympian George Mount and several of his Dino friends, many ex-racers from the 70's. In particular we celebrated Nikola Farat's 83rd birthday. So encouraging to see an octogenarian still riding strong! We also were joined by Terry Shaw, riding strong with a heart transplant. It just goes to show how much can be endured when the will is there.

By the way we later discovered that Nikola was only 82. He owes us one!

We finished the ride off with some good Mexican food and some strong espresso. I am learning that Sean really likes his coffee!

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  1. Nikola Farats, who won a stage in the FIRST Tour of California in 1971 and was a National Master Champion in the 1970s. He rode 80 miles on his 80th B-Day and has a new bike on order with all electronic shifting since he has to have the latest so he has no excuse to get dropped. The Heart Transplant was Terry Shaw, of Shaws Cyclery in San Jose. The shop is gone but Terry is still with us and we won't leave him behind on any ride as he contributed for many years to keep racing going at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. That's why Retro Rick and I pushed him all the way up the climb on Corral Hollow back into Livermore. There is more than one way to train!