Monday, March 9, 2015

How to tell you've been riding too much

It's great to see Daylight savings time kick in but it does make the early morning wake-up for a bike commute a bit difficult.

Considering that I haven't driven my car to work in over 2 months, I thought I would get a bit more sleep, give my legs a much needed rest, and drive my car.

As I passed car accident after car accident I felt that my decision to leave my bike behind on a day where most motorists appeared to be sleep-driving was not a bad one.

But what really surprised me was driving on the freeway and seeing a loose  tire straddling two lanes and...

(OK, the surprise was not the tire but what I did next..)

(yes, I think you guessed!)

I slammed my hand against the door as I attempted to point at  the obstruction.

Oh, that's right...I'm in a car!!! No need to alert the cyclist drafting behind me.]

:-) Dave

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