Thursday, March 5, 2015

First 'quiet' commute this year!

Still trying to get in some good miles before tapering down so I headed out for a solo 30 mile commute home.

The ride was uneventful with the typical high traffic patterns fueled by Waze followers. I sure wish that Google would change their algorithm to show the actual time taken by drivers on these side streets or the time it would take if they were following the speed limit, whichever is longer.  Instead we have motorists taking the back roads at twice the speed limit in order to save a few minutes on their commute. Their times should be blocked out so as to not entice other motorists to do the same.

Well today as I approached the infamous 'wall' I was first stopped a policeman who told me the road was closed to all traffic due to an accident. "Can I walk on the side of the road?" I asked. He replied that he was not allowed to let anyone through and I could go to the parking lot and wait along with the other motorists.

It felt good to be acknowledged as a motorist but as I headed to the parking lot, I saw a horse trail and thought to myself, if I take the horse trail I'm not really violating the orders I was given. So feeling a bit rebellious, I took the trail...

Soon however I was back on the road and so I continued  up. I then reached a 2nd officer and he was actually friendly and told me I could continue if I just stayed to the right of the road! Excellent.

Then I saw the first of two disabled vehicles

and then the 2nd:


But the good news was that it appeared no one was hurt and perhaps this will lead the police to start enforcing speed limits on Calaveras.

The best news of course was that since the road was closed, I had the quietest, nicest ever ride home with the road all to myself!

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