Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Missing the train

I had a late afternoon dental appointment today ...part of an effort to get most things out of the way before the ride launch. Well it appears I took 22 seconds too much time talking about the Heart Across America ride as my dental hygienist did her best to clean up my teeth.

Yes  that's how much time I needed to make it to the train before it headed off. As I pulled up to the platform I watched the train pull away.

So a short ride from dental office to the train station in San Jose turned into a 50 mile ride home.

It was a fun solo ride with very little traffic and a great way to keep the legs working in preparation for the 5,000 mile ride....

When I got home I was greeted by hugs, a great  hot dinner, and a decaf Americano using our recently purchased manually operated (no electricity required) Aeropress espresso maker!  I'll be missing the first two during the journey but at least the espresso maker  will be traveling with us as we crisscross across the country!

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