Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Checking out Wednesday's route

Don and I drove out this morning to check  the starting and meeting points for Wesnesday's ride. 

Turns out there was a car wash right next to the start and the SAG wagon was in dire need of a bath. So Don took it over and when they heard what we were doing, they gave us a huge discount. Big Daddy's #10 rocks!

From there Don drove to Irvine to pick up two high end rental bikes. They are superb. 

I rode down the course and it was beautiful but lots of traffic and disappearing bike lanes. We will need to be extra careful tomorrow. 

I'll add photos later.  

By the way, live tracking from Garmin works great! I got several panicked calls and messages from concerned trackers fearing I got my days mixed up!

Cheers, Dave

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  1. FYI, today (Sat. 04/04) I didn't see that the live tracker was working. Love the car wash photos and the plug for the nice guys at Big Daddy's! I miss Amy's daddy :(