Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brrr Cold and Thank You Todd!

Wednesday I rode my Pocket Rocket Pro bicycle on a hard fast ride from work to Fremont. I had just swapped saddles with my TT bike and I wanted to fine tune the fit as this will be my backup bike for the Heart Across America ride. .... I've got some work to do, as my left knee was a bit sore after the ride. But I still have time...though not much!

This morning I got up with my 5:00 am alarm and was contemplating joining my commuting friends on our 6 am commute. This is a fun ride and great way to start the day...(Here's a video recap of what that ride looks like:  Outbound Commute  . 

But I checked the temperature outside, saw 35 deg F, was tired, and my knee was still sore so I opted for the train. Nice to have that choice. In two weeks, that won't be an option. Yup, I know I need to toughen up!

The short commute by bike today was nice though and I got to test out a Fly 6 camera/tail-light that Todd Nelson has so kindly lent to me for the ride. I was curious about the quality and was pleasantly surprised to see that the resolution was good enough to capture license plates. That's all I really need. Here's a sample screen shot from the video recording. 

So thank you Todd! And Kudos to for making this light! It's nice to have a dual purpose piece of hardware!

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  1. You're welcome. I'm in awe of the images that camera will capture as you ride from sea to shining sea. And you and Sean will see facing forward, of course! I'm excited to be joining you for a bit along the Pacific coast and again along the mighty Mississippi River.