Friday, March 13, 2015

Countdown continues....

My plan is to use my folding Bike Friday bike in case my BMC  bike (which now sports over 38,000 road miles) decides to give up along the way.

Last night I replaced the chain and brake pads and all seemed to be good. Even put a GoPro mount on the front, a Fly6 taillight/camera on the back, aero bars, a huge saddle bag, and full fenders.

It's fully loaded and a tad heavy but should do very well not only as a backup but as a bike of choice in foul rainy weather and in heavy winds.

I rode in to work on it this morning on a mostly flat 19 mile route with some good headwinds. It averaged a good 17.7  MPH which is more than enough, and after a few saddle adjustments, felt just like my BMC.

Here's the bike resting at work (I think she's ready!)

Here's a screen shot of how the video looks like from the front (pretty cool perspective, no?):

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your pictures along the way :)