Sunday, March 29, 2015

More on Oxnard to San Pedro

Stan Steinberg, the founder of the heart foundation at Cedars Sinai joined us on the first 10 miles of our ride. He looked great sporting a HAA jersey while riding a pretty slick recumbent bicycle. Stan  had an aortic valve replacement just  8 weeks ago!

Next we  somehow managed to fly right by Andrea who had parked along the beach with snacks. Fortunately she spotted us and chased us down.

Later in the day we met Aiden (sp?) and a few of his friends cycling along the PCH. It was nice getting a free draft and talking about our lives as we dodged surfboards, cars, open car doors, dogs,  skate boards, and pedestrians. Sean's message rang true with Aiden and he shared his admiration for Sean's drive.

Finally we reached the Will Rogers park along the beach. It was great to see the van and hear the little cowbell ringing. We ate well and soon were joined by my college freshman roommate Gary Wimenitz and his wife Sarah. What a treat to see them again and it was nice to catch up on our lives.

Next Aiden swung by to meet Sean and wish us all well. It's always so neat to connect with someone  like this.

As we were getting ready to roll out Gary pointed out Gordon Ramsay who had just come out of the water. The camera crew went over and next thing we knew, he was over at our van greeting Sean. He asked if we needed a cook and we all clamored yes!

But alas, before we could work out a contract, it was time to roll, and thanks to Gary and Sarah, I could relax and just follow. Relax of course being a relative term as it was tough keeping up with them as they navigated through droves of pedestrians  and cyclists.

Along the way, Sean's Passoni bike did it's civil duty by picking up an errant plastic bag. It took a minute or two to unravel it but we successfully got it it off and  promptly put the bag in a sealed garbage can.


The surprise of the day came along a residential neighborhood when Gary and I were chasing each other up a hill. Lo and behold, there was my nephew  Chris Helminiak and his girlfriend Donna!

We agreed to meet at Starbucks (the one with a magnificent view) and when we arrived they showed us a big poster they had made and treated us all to some excellent coffee.  What a treat!

From there we rode to our hotel. The weather was cooling by then  and traffic was dwindling so no complaints there. Only spectacular, splendid views.

Our ride was followed by a quick dip or two in an unheated quite cold pool followed by a hot tub immersion. What a nice combo.

At 6 pm we headed out to a BBQ at photographer Mickey's son's house.  What a lovely couple! Great food, company, and lots of entertainment!

Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. Good summary. Nice post. Great memory. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the well written daily ride summaries! Always looking forward to.