Monday, March 23, 2015

safe and sound in Carmel

Another great day of riding.

We started the day with a hearty breakfast and some good coffee and were able to hold Sean off until 9:15 before heading out. He was set on a 8 am departure! We were also treated to the sight of a whale breaching near shore. So neat to see.

We took off with a big cheer and the ride was spectacular. Sunny skies and the winds were between neutral and favorable!

Only mishap happened when Tom fell off his bike trying to avoid glass at low speed. Fortunately no real injury...just surface wounds. But road rash is never fun.

Here's a shot of Sean and Dedi as we approach Monterey. We were all laughing  after Sean tried his first Espresso Gu packet and was just roaring to go!

Tomorrow's ride will be one of our toughest. Tom is icing his knee so it's not clear yet whether he will need a day of rest or not. My advice would be to take the day off but who knows what he'll decide. Dedi is also feeling some knee and foot pain. Back to back days of riding pays a toll.

Sean is riding strong and smartly wanted nothing to do with the 17 mile drive detour a few of our riders opted to take.  4880 miles to go so let's play it safe!

Todd led the way for a few minutes while I played sweeper, and he promptly added a bonus out and back climb. ...and yes there were grumbles from the peanut gallery. So glad I was not the culprit this time!

We will soon head out for some good Mexican food. I'm ready!


  1. Hope you have enough gauze pads!

  2. Enjoy tomorrow most iconic ride in CA - wish I was riding

  3. I hope Tom's injuries heal quickly!

  4. Great to see Dedi ... is she riding the entire route? Loving the blog!

  5. Hi Mark-
    Good to see you were doing the Mt. Ham loop today! So while you're not there with Dave on the coast, with your HAA jersey, you're there in spirit! Check out Sean's daily Live Updates -- he sounds a lot like you :)