Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 5 SLO to Buelton

Well another day in the books.

We started with a hearty breakfast at Margie's Diner. We suspect Margie must be  a Vegan triathlete and servers huge portions of food to keep the competition at bay. I've never seen so much food piled on a plate. It was good though and did the trick for today.

We started with an 8:15 am TV/Radio interview with a local station. It will be airing tonight at 5pm in both SLO and Buelton (channel 6,  I believe). The interviewer was very caring and impressed by Sean and his motivation. For a small local station, I think he asked some of the best questions.

As far as the ride went, we all expected the worst knowing we had 70 miles through traffic and a good 10 plus miles on Hwy 101. The commuter guys (Jose, Derek, and me) showed our colors by sporting all kinds of flashing lights. It turned out that the ride was much much better than we feared. Great tail winds and a nice wide shoulder on the freeway.

We stopped for a quick bio-break in Pismo beach then worked our way along Hwy 1 then up through Santa Maria where we stopped for sandwiches in a nice shady spot that Andrea found. We all ate well and it was nice to look out and spot Sean dozing in a grassy patch by the van. Always good to get some weight off  your legs!

The next 30 miles went by very quickly. It's not often you can ride 30+ miles an hour and not feel any wind!

Here's a screen shot from some of the video shot from Don.  Wait, where are his hands? We're moving fast!!!

And now I see that it was so hot that the signs and road are melting!

 Spotting our hotel continues to be the highlight of each day. Riding is great but you realize how hot and tired you are when you see your beckoning hotel!

At the hotel, we said our goodbyes to Suzy and Karen. Both had a great time and it was speical sharing the experience with them. Karen described the ride as epic!

I just finished laundry and clothes are hanging to dry. But as I glance at my water bottle with Hammer Heed in it,  next to a water bottle containing Woolite, I realize that using a water bottle to store my laundry detergent might not have been such a great idea....

Time to head downstairs and see if we can catch Sean on the news!



  1. Great job so far. Welcome to SoCal.

    There are several riders from Santa Barbara who would like to meet up with you in Goleta and ride with you through Santa Barbara and beyond. What time do you expect to leave Buellton?

    Brian K

  2. We hope to be on the road at 8:15 .

  3. My email is Send me your email and I will send you a link that track where we are.

  4. We had dinner at Margie's Diner once - massive portions, softball-sized onion rings! (Epic) Can't imagine what breakfast was like.
    I've been watching your Live Activity in the background at work (at lunchtime only, of course). Clearly you've got better navigators than when you were in Carmel.

  5. Great stuff Dave...I know what Diner I'm hitting up the next time I'm down that way, glad things are going well.